WAFD Insurance Group Offices:


Mount Vernon WA Office

Phone: 360-424-4559
Fax: 360-424-7681
Email: wainfo68@wafdinsurance.com

Duane Henson

Email: duaneh@wafdinsurance.com

Yvonne Mattson

Email: yvonnem@wafdinsurance.com

Debbie Knutson

Email: debbiek@wafdinsurance.com

Glenn Ash

Email: glenna@wafdinsurance.com

Lily Ramirez

Email: lilyr@wafdinsurance.com

Julie Clements


Seattle WA Office

Wendy Lin

Phone: 206-264-2338
Fax: 206-264-2310
Email: wendyl@wafdinsurance.com

Idaho Office

Boise Location

Phone: 208-377-4433

Cindy Commons 

Email: cindyc@wafdinsurance.com

Chris Hoffman

Email: chrish@wafdinsurnace.com

Homedale Office

Phone: 208-337-3161

Jennifer Downum

Email: jenniferd@wafdinsurance.com

Richard Downum

Email: richardd@wafdinsurance.com

Marsing Office

Phone: 208-896-4154

Eugene Oregon Office

Phone: 541-687-1911
Fax: 541-689-6534
Email: orinfo409@wafdinsurance.com

Debby Kjosness

Email: debbyk@wafdinsurance.com

Erin Henley

Email: erinh@wafdinsurance.com

 Tracey Racek

Email: traceyr@wafdinsurance.com

Stephanie Willhite

Email: stephaniew@wafdinsurance.com

La Pine Oregon Office

Phone: 541-536-1718

Mary Russell

Email: maryr@wafdinsurance.com

Amy Carter

Email: amyc@wafdinsurance.com


New Mexico Office

Phone: 505-452-3993
Fax: 505-242-2967
Email: nminfo2501@wafdinsurance.com

M. Jude Griego

Email: judeg@wafdinsurance.com

Denise Gordon

Email: deniseg@wafdinsurance.com

Denise Torres

Email: deniset@wafdinsurance.com

Bruce Becht

Email: bruceb@firstinsurance.com

Kathy Parnell

Email: Kathyp@wafdinsurance.com

Cindy Millikan

Email: cindym@wafdinsurance.com

Angie Skeen

Email: angies@wafdinsurance.com

Aubree Chavey

Email: aubreec@wafdinsurance.com

Sacha Candelaria-Gonzales

Email: sachac@wafdinsurance.com

Meghan Francia

Email: Meghanf@wafdinsurance.com

Nevada Office

Fax: 702-798-6837
Email: nvinfo1880@wafdinsurance.com

Loyce Baxter

Email: loyceb@wafdinsurance.com

Paul Ruhl

Email: paulr@wafdinsurance.com

Hallie Harrisson


Gary Spriggs

Email: Garys@wafdinsurance.com

CAL-OR Insurance in Brooking Oregon A member of the WAFD Insurance Group

16389 Highway 101 S.

Brooking, OR 97415

541-469-3510 or 800-762-8589

Pax Kelly

Email: paxk@wafdinsurance.com

Patty Jones

Email: pattyj@wafdinsurance.com

Sharon Gerlach

Email: sharong@wafdinsurance.com

Carrie Strain

Email: carries@wafdinsurance.com

Debbie Krambeal

Email: dkrambeal@wafdinsurance.com

James Sabin

email: jamess@wafdinsurance.com

Website: http://www.calor-insurance.com/

Montgomery Insurance Agency Carlsbad New Mexico A Member of the WAFD Insurance Group

203 W. Mermod Str, Carlsbad, NM 88220

575-885-4131   Fax 575-887-1069

Mandi Cox

Email: malison@maincnm.com

Monica Ernye

email:  Monicaernyey@maincnm.com

Monica Florez

Email:  Monicaflorez@maincnm.com

Kathy Hedin

Email: kathyhedin@maincnm.com

Alan Glen Jenkins

Email: Ajenkins@maincnm.com

Pat Macaluso

Email: Patmacaluso@maincnm.com

Tessa McMillan

Email: Tmcmillan@maincnm.com

Craig Stephens

Email: Crstephens@maincnm.com

Web Site:http://montgomeryinsurancecarlsbad.com/

Thomas & Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc Stanwood, WA  A Member of the WAFD Insurance Group

9715 271 Str NW Stanwood, WA 98282

360-629-2103  or 800-227-5846

Zoe Anderson

Email: zoe@thomasins.com

Hans Eskelsen

Email: hans@thomasins.com

Jim Jonson

Email: jim@thomasins.com

Sue Jonson

Email: sue@thomasins.com

Kaycie Menezes

Email: kaycie@thomasins.com

Marie Passmore

Email: marie@thomasins.com

Walt Thomas

Email: Walt@thomasins.com

Scott Thomas

Email: Scott@thomasins.com

Patrick Vance

Email: Pat@thomasins.com

Jordon Vargas

Email: Jordon@thomasins.com

Website: http://www.thomasins.com/








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